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Should you sign your .NET assemblies or not? That is the question.

According to the Betteridge’s law of headlines the answer should be no. Unfortunately you’re going to have to decide for yourself.

I gathered some info and made a decision accordingly. Time has passed and I do not regret my decision.

Here’s the data:

  • Do not rely on strong names for security. They provide a unique identity only.
  • You can use different versions of the same assembly.
  • Tampering with strongly signed assembly is possible. Since .NET 3.5 can be bypassed, because it was slow. [link]
  • Strong naming is probably causing the issue we had with app.config

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5 GHz Wi-Fi on AC750 Archer C20 was not working. I could not connect to the 5G WiFi on my iPhone or my PC. I was unable to find a solution online.

The settings that were not working were the default ones.

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I’m busy

Print “KEEP IT LEAN” on a piece of paper and put the paper on a visible place during your meeting.

Like this

I have a minute

Marketing, SEO, BizDev, Product owner and WebDev people.

We spent two days locked up in a meeting room with a simple goal.

Design a website which would enable our clients to buy and manage their licenses.

2 days is way too long.

I was so upset, angry and tired after the first day. It felt like we have done a big amount of nothing.

Next morning, I printed out “KEEP IT LEAN” on a piece of paper with the biggest font that fit.

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Introduce yourself with a memorable association

I’m Jozef and I like wakeboarding🏄‍♀️!

  • Jacob 😊
  • Emma👩
  • Lucas 🧑🏿
  • Sarah👧🏼

They have one thing in common. You already forgot their names…and they forgot yours.

People forget names way too often. My name is the sweetest, best sounding song in the world. And I love it! And you love yours. It’s the sound you hear even when no one said it…

What was the name of that guy with wake-board 🤔? Jozef !

Make it easy to remember your name :) It makes it easier to talk to you.

You are worthy

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An inspiration

A colleague of mine, who happens to be my ̶b̶o̶s̶s̶ ̶ leader wrote a really cool compiler. It’s not a cool CRUD app or complicated animation.

IT’S A COMPILER. Used in the production environment. And it’s not backed up by a community or a big company.

I think that’s pretty cool…I would like to code cool stuff...So I decided I’m going to write a compiler!

So I did…because I could do following

  • Learn more about the magic of compilers
  • Learn something else than a new JavaScript framework
  • Achieve one of my goals.
  • Code something different.
  • Understand the codebase more…


Jozef Chmelar

silly person.

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