Lekcia číslo 1 : Nie je to o tom, ako rýchlo vieš plávať.

Adalis Martinez

You already know half of it!

record Person(string Name);
record Employee(string Name) : Person(Name);
record RemoteEmployee(string Name, string…

  • Do not rely on strong names for security. They provide a unique identity only.
  • You can use different versions of the same assembly.
  • Tampering with strongly signed assembly is possible. Since .NET 3.5 can be bypassed, because it was slow. [link]
  • Strong naming is probably…

I’m busy

I have a minute


Introduce yourself with a memorable association

  • Jacob 😊
  • Emma👩
  • Lucas 🧑🏿
  • Sarah👧🏼

You are worthy

An inspiration

  • Learn more about the magic of compilers
  • Learn something else than a new JavaScript framework
  • Achieve one of my goals.
  • Code something different.
  • Understand the codebase more…

Jozef Chmelar

silly person.

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